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Canadian Dynamic Flooring
Proudly Canadian-Owned and Operated
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Affordable, Durable and Elegant Vinyl Flooring
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We'll help you choose the right floor to suit your needs.

Canadian Dynamic Flooring

Affordable & Stylish Vinyl Flooring Supply

is a young luxury vinyl flooring supply company made up of a few friends looking to bring top-notch customer service to the industry.

We specialize in rural delivery services, design consultations and creating valuable customer experiences.

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Vinyl Plank Flooring

Our high-quality vinyl flooring is designed to stand the test of time. It is made from some of the same product that is used in the manufacturing of composite decking. This translates into a click together flooring system that is super quick to install but will stand the test of time!

Affordable Vinyl Flooring Supply

At Canadian Dynamic Flooring, we only deal with vinyl as it is the toughest of all the flooring options! It is 100% waterproof, not just water-resistant, meaning it can be fully submerged under water and will not swell, crack or warp!  Our unique click together system allows for the vinyl planks to lock into the neighbouring plank, providing a smooth tight finish, plank to plank, and preventing water from penetrating between the boards.


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Rural Delivery Specialists

Canadian Dynamic Flooring handles all of our deliveries in-house. We are able to provide delivery services to rural areas that the big box stores can’t and we are always prepared for whatever the Ontario weather brings our way. We offer a range of delivery options that ensure you get your flooring to where you need it.

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We Stand By Our Products

Canadian Dynamic Vinyl stands by the products we offer. All of our products are water, fire and slip proof as we believe in safety first. Our products are also Formaldehyde and Lead Salt free to make them children, pets and environmentally friendly. All of the luxury vinyl flooring that we sell has a built in underlay and is able to be installed without any subfloor.
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DIY Friendly

Don’t want to deal with the mess of glue, or using heavy-duty flooring nail guns? Our vinyl flooring is designed for easy installation over almost any surface, avoiding costly installers, and since the process requires NO glue, grout, screws or nails projects can be completed with ease.

Product Highlights

Waterproof & Mildewproof

A benefit of vinyl flooring over wood flooring or laminate flooring,  is that unlike these porous flooring materials that will absorb water and foster the growth of mould and mildew, vinyl is known for its mould resistance Canadian Dynamic Vinyl flooring is a very dense man-made flooring product, that is literally designed to stand up to moisture, and really is the only option for basement, bathroom, and kitchen flooring!

Fire Resistant

Our homes are our largest investment, where our families sleep! So choosing a vinyl line to represent, it was crucial that the product had a Class A fire rating. Nobody wants to consider the possibility of fire in their home, but by using our high-quality Vinyl flooring will further reduce the risk of a fire occurring, and limit the damage, both to your family and your home.

Slip Resistant

One of the most frequent questions we are asked! Is your flooring slippery? The textured wear layer and grain embedded into the vinyl flooring provides great slip resistance.  After multi-generational testing, we can safely say that it has enough grip to keep getting a toddler walking, keep grandpa on his feet, all while still being smooth enough to allow for an easy clean!

No Need For Subfloor

Unlike most floorings, our vinyl is thick enough to lay right on top of concrete, old ceramic tiles, existing flooring that is sturdy and relatively level. Dynamic Vinyl flooring is built with a rigid core technology, which can help to hide many imperfections and unevenness of subfloor, and with the pad attached, it is softer to step on it. The pad will also act as a barrier between our flooring and the cold concrete surface below.


When sourcing a product it was super important that our vinyl flooring manufacturer produced SPC flooring is made of CaCO3 & PVC plastic, contains no harmful materials such as formaldehyde and heavy metal.

No Lead

The Stabilizing agent of SPC flooring is calcium zinc, no heavy metal like lead salt.


Canadian Dynamic Vinyl flooring comes with a coat called wear layer on top, which protects the flooring from scratch and impact that can occur with everyday use. 

Bring on your Canadian Lifestyle!!

Quick and Easy Installation

Don’t want to deal with the mess of glue, or using heavy-duty flooring nail guns?

Our vinyl flooring is designed for easy install over almost any surface, avoiding costly installers, and since the process requires NO glue, grout, screws, nails;most projects that can be completed in a day. Some clients even opt to “Do- It- Themselves”. Click here to see detailed DIY Videos

Product Structure

Rigid core, or SPC (solid polymer core), is made of a composite core construction, a step up from solid LVT, with a higher filler content and higher density without any foaming agent creating air bubbles in the core. The result is a thinner, harder and stiffer plank. Rigid core products are primarily suitable where higher indentation resistance is required and extensive exposure to sunlight&heat can occur.

Wood Grain SPC Floor

With the European technology I4F 2G click lock system, it is quite easy to install the SPC flooring. And 100% waterproof with the precise locking effect.
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